Shoulda Been There vol 1

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What events in John Lennon’s life led him to form a rock’n’roll band and aspire to reach “the Toppermost of the Poppermost”? What childhood tragedies and teen hurts shaped the boy into The Beatle? How did he first meet Paul McCartney and George Harrison? What crucial role did original bassist Stuart Sutcliffe play? And how did Ringo Starr begin to figure into John Lennon’s story? Leading John Lennon expert, Jude Southerland Kessler, will take you down the “long and winding road” of John’s first 20 years to experience the pivotal moments that shaped The Quarrymen and The Beatles. Don’t miss this unique historical narrative built upon 20 years of research and seven years of interviews in Liverpool, England. John’s passion to be “bigger’n Elvis” starts here!

Shivering Inside vol 2

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In Vol. 2 of The John Lennon Series, leading John Lennon expert, Jude Southerland Kessler, opens the door to the magical years of 1961-1963 when The Beatles were stepping into their final iteration. Pete Best leaves the band, and Ringo Starr comes aboard! Stu Sutcliffe makes his final exit, and once again, John Lennon finds himself alone and Shivering Inside. Don’t miss the fast-paced events as The Beatles record Please Please Me in an incredible 12-hour rock’n’roll session and John marries his college sweetheart, Cynthia Powell. With over 300 footnotes and five years of Beatles research and interviews, Jude Southerland Kessler takes you back to the lesser-known years when The Beatles rocked Liverpool’s Cavern Club, Hamburg, Germany, and all of England…but had not yet conquered America. Roll up for this magical mystery tour!

She Loves You vol 3

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You’ll be swept up in Beatlemania as leading John Lennon expert, Jude Southerland Kessler, guides you through the mad, mad, mad, mad days of The Beatles 1963 UK Tour and their landmark performances on the London Palladium and the (“Rattle your jewelry!”) Royal Command Performance! Share the making of With The Beatles via the unique, symbolic lithography of Enoch Doyle Jeter. Travel with John Lennon and the lads on the road to Ireland and France…and then, straight on to America for three Ed Sullivan shows, The Beatles’ conquest of Washington, D.C., and Carnegie Hall! As fandom turns to Beatlemania, you’ll be there! When Brian and John holiday in Spain, you’ll be there. When “She Loves You” hits #1, you’ll be there. These are the days that made John Lennon’s band, The Beatles, a beloved household word. Ready? Steady…Go!

Should Have Known Better
vol 4

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John Lennon was always sure that fame and power would save him from the over-arching sadness of his childhood and teen years –  from the deep longing for his mother, Julia. But as Beatlemania begins to swell and grow, fame takes its toll. In Should Have Known Better, The Beatles are at the pinnacle of their success. They make the Academy Award winning film, A Hard Day’s Night, and John Lennon releases his first book In His Own Write. The boys are heralded all over the globe on the 1964 World Tour, and they “hit America for six” with the fast-paced 1964 North American Tour. Journey along with leading John Lennon expert, Jude Southerland Kessler, as this historical narrative takes you back in time! You’ll be part of the action as The Beatles sweep fans off their feet and then return home to record Beatles for Sale. John Lennon’s story provides one unexpected turn after the next. Be a part of it all via Jude Southerland Kessler’s years of extensive research, over 4000 footnotes, and scads of unique photos and interviews!

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Shades of Life Cover Draft 2.jpg

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In 1965, The Beatles repeated every single thing they had done in 1964. They made a film for United Artists; this one was dubbed "Help!" instead of "A Hard Day's Night." They recorded a soundtrack and promoted the LP and film on the BBC. In June 1965, they went on a European Tour (just as they had embarked on a World Tour in June 1964). And in July, they attended the film premiere and gala in London, just as they had done for their first movie the year before. By the end of July, the boys were packing for their 1965 North American Tour (just as they had prepared for the North American Tour in '64). And John had recently published his second book of poetry and prose in 1965. This one was entitled A Spaniard in the Works, following 1964's In His Own Write. All of the events and activities had been exhilarating in 1964. But repeating them all again in 1965 lacked luster. And John, who was struggling with staid, married life in the stockbroker belt, was crying out for "Help!" Unfortunately, as he walked through the "shades" of 1965, no one heard him or offered rescue. Join John and the lads for the first half of 1965, the transition year between the Early Beatles (that great stage band!) and The Studio Beatles. 

Shades of life...part 1
vol 5