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SPeaking Engagements: 
 Jude Southerland Kessler 
John Lennon Expert 

Speaking engagements 2020

Meet Jude Here…


Read Jude’s monthly blogs at: - This Louisiana online magazine may be accessed on Facebook or found at: Jude does a Beatles-based, inspirational blog, to lift the spirits and “laissez les bon temps roulez,” (“let the good times roll!”) Louisiana-style! Here is Jude’s latest 318 blog…enjoy!


The Fest for Beatles Fans - Jude is the official blogger for The Fest for Beatles Fans found on Facebook at This year, Jude is taking Beatles fans through a month-by-month walk with the lads, recounting events they “bumped into” during their time together in January, February, March, etc. The emphasis is what WE, the fans, can learn from what the boys encountered and what we can take away to make our own lives better and stronger.


Hear from Jude monthly on:

“She Said She Said” - Jude’s popular podcast with author Lanea Stagg of The Recipe Records Series of Rock’n’Roll cookbooks. Each month in 2020, Jude and Lanea have “gathered” on Podbean to interview the members of “The Beatles Family.” They have chatted with Roag Best, Angie and Ruth McCartney, Beatles’ bass player Chas Newby, and many others. This podcast, in it’s fifth year, is broadcast on Spotify, ITunes, YouTube, and on the “She Said She Said” Facebook page on Facebook found at:

“Plastic EP TV” on Facebook. Jude and “Plastic” are going all the way through The Beatles’ UK LPs, discussing each track (including cover songs). In each hour, they discuss one side of each album…so you’ll get in-depth coverage of the songs…who wrote them, what they signify, who played what, and so forth. Join them for a wonderful look at your favorite songs. Here’s the latest show, Side One of “With The Beatles”:

Jude’s monthly newsletter, “The John Lennon Serial” is free of charge and may be accessed by signing up at This provides Lennon fans with links to radio shows, updates on Vol. 5 in The John Lennon Series, Shades of Life, and discounts, prizes, and coupons!


Meet Jude at:

As Co-Vid 19 subsides, you’ll be able to meet Jude annually at the Fest for Beatles Fans. Until then, please join her for:

The John Lennon Birthday Party Weekend Kickoff

Thursday, 8 October, 2020! 

Jude and Lanea have invited a host of noted Beatles experts, authors, and fans to salute John with clever, one-minute toasts, prizes, rare photos and fun! Join Jim Berkenstadt, Bruce Spizer, Terri Crain, Dave Bedford, Ivor Davis, and many, many more to lift a glass to John on his 80th! A Link is coming soon in the John Lennon Serial newsletter.

The John Lennon Virtual Birthday Fest for Beatles Fans - Friday, October 9-11. This remarkable virtual Fest will be accessed through EventBrite. Links and listings of the many, many Special Guests, speakers, and panels, may be obtained by going to

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